Supporting Arab National Commissions for Education, Culture and Science and taking part in their activities



Background :

ALECSO has been keen on providing technical and material support to Arab National Commissions for Education, Culture and Science, with a view to fostering their role, upgrading their level of performance, and helping them to fully carry out their missions in a manner consistent with ALECSO’s goals and objectives.

Aware of the significance of the activities conducted by National Commissions to enhance their roles, make known their tasks and activities, and highlight ALECSO’s goals and programs, ALECSO seeks to contribute to the implementation of those activities, by providing the needed material support, expertise and advice.


Goals :

  • Provide National Commissions with in-kind and technical support to enable them to perform their roles and tasks most effectively;
  • Identify the material and technical needs of National Commissions, and work to meet those needs as far as possible;
  • Identify and help overcome technical difficulties facing National Commissions;
  • Enable National Commissions to conduct activities and events falling within ALECSO’s fields of action, and designed to enhance the Organization’s visibility and outreach.
  • Encourage National Commissions to issue bulletins and periodicals that publicize ALECSO’s main activities and publications, and to circulate them to all other National Commissions and relevant stakeholders.
  • Promote communication and interaction with Arab National Commissions, being an essential partner of the Organization in implementing its programs and projects.


Expected results:

  • Further publicize the work of ALECSO to national institutions and civil society in the country benefiting from the activity;
  • Providing part of the needs of National Commissions so that they can better accomplish their role.