Meeting of Secretaries-General of Arab National Commissions for Education, Culture and Science

Background :

ALECSO holds periodic meetings, every two years, for the Secretaries-General of the Arab National Commissions for Education, Culture and Science, with a view to

  • Consulting on the programs and projects submitted to the Executive Board and General Conference for discussion and approval;
  • Evaluating the programs and projects being implemented and the extent of their ability to meet national and pan-Arab needs;
  • Discussing ways to develop future programs in line with the major goals of member States, taking into consideration new global developments in ALECSO’s fields of action;
  • Developing ways and means to promote communication and interaction among National Commissions, and between ALECSO and National Commissions.


Goals :

  • Enable National Commissions to participate, as key partners, in planning, preparing and implementing the Organization’s programs and activities;
  • Explore the best means to implement the Organization’s projects and activities in member States;
  • Discuss the problems, difficulties and obstacles facing the Organization and National Commissions in the implementation of their tasks, and find appropriate solutions to them.
  • Promote closer cooperation and interaction among National Commissions.


Expected results :

  • Involving National Commissions in proposing policies, programs and activities;
  • Enabling National Commissions to propose topics for discussion related to ALECSO’s fields of action;
  • Finding solutions to some of the difficulties facing National Commissions in dealing with the Organization or in implementing its activities;
  • Suggesting recommendations to increase efficiency in implementing activities.