Science and Scientific Research Department

Science and Scientific Research Department

The work of the Department of Science and Scientific Research draws on several basic references that vary according to the nature of the activity.

Foremost among these references are the following :

  • Resolutions of Arab summits
  • Resolutions of ALECSO’s General Conference and Executive Board
  • Resolutions of relevant ministerial conferences, namely :
  • Conference of Arab Education Ministers;
  • Conference of Arab Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research;
  • Conference of Arab Culture Ministers;
  • Conference of Arab Ministers in charge of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.
  • ALECSO’s plans of action / strategic plans
  • Plan for the development of education in the Arab world
  • Project to promote the Arabic language towards the knowledge society
  • Arab Strategy for Scientific Research, Technology and Innovation.
  • Arab Action Plan on Climate Change
  • Arab Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Strategy for the dissemination of scientific and technological culture in the Arab World
  • Arab Program for the dissemination of scientific and technological culture in the Arab World
  • Recommendations of relevant conferences, seminars and expert meetings.

Strategic Goals :

Through its programs, projects and activities, the Department of Science and Scientific Research seeks to achieve a number of strategic goals, foremost among which are the following :

  • Promote scientific awareness within Arab societies, especially among youth;
  • Contribute to the development of policies designed to promote scientific research and harness it to address development issues in the Arab region, serve citizens’ needs, meet challenges facing Arab countries, and enhance Arab national security in all its dimensions;
  • Preserve water resources and ensure their sustainability, rationalize water consumption, and enhance the Arab water security;
  • Preserve the environment, face the potential impacts of climate change and the human impact on the environment, promote the use of clean energy, and explore the unexploited potential of  natural resources in the Arab World;
  • Promote the Arabic language and foster its use in scientific fields;
  • Contribute to the upgrading of educational, , training and research systems in the Arab world;
  • Attract Arab experts living abroad and benefit from their expertise and competence in enhancing the contribution of scientific research for the advancement of Arab societies.

Main work directions :

  • Support Arab States’ efforts toward building their national systems of development, innovation, and creativity, and promote the sharing of expertise and experience in this regard;
  • Enhance educational and training systems in the Arab World, and promote the use of the Arabic language in all educational and research activities in Arab institutions;
  • Build Arab matrices of indicators to measure the impact of scientific research and innovation on the development of Arab societies;
  • Highlight scientific developments and innovations in the Arab World and elsewhere, and promote the protection of intellectual property rights in the Arab World;
  • Strengthen mechanisms of inter-Arab cooperation in the fields of research, development, innovation and technology transfer;
  • Enhance scientific research activities in the Arab World, and honor young Arab innovators and researchers;
  • Collect and provide documented scientific information on water sources in the Arab World and the action undertaken to ensure their sustainability and rationalize water consumption, as well as on climate change, its potential impacts on the Arab region and ways to mitigate them;
  • Update and evaluate information on renewable energy resources in the Arab countries;
  • Develop education and training at all levels through contribution to implementing the Plan for the Development of Education in the Arab World;
  • Strengthen programs to monitor the Arab marine environment and provide information on its components and on the impact of climate change on these components;
  • Promote joint Arab action to spread scientific and technological awareness, and to familiarize children and young people with scientific discoveries and inventions;
  • Coordinate Arab efforts and positions regarding the science and technology ethics at the Arab and international levels;
  • Enhance partnership between academic and research institutions on the one hand, and private sector institutions operating in information and content industries, on the other, and promote the use of open source software.