Based on the following references :

  1. Riyadh Summit Declaration (March 2003) in which Arab Leaders expressed their determination to provide all due attention to the Arabic language;
  2. His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz’s initiative to enrich the Arabic content on the Internet;
  3. The Project for Arabic Language Promotion towards the Knowledge Society, adopted by the Damascus Summit in March 2008, which involves establishing programs to promote research and development; increasing the number of Arabic-language research institutions so as to meet the requirements of transition towards the Knowledge Society and Knowledge Economy; coordinating relevant Arab programs, and implementing them in Arab universities and research institutions.

The Department of Science and Scientific Research considers that the great efforts invested by Arab States to catch up with the knowledge society will not yield their fruits in the absence of scientific and technological knowledge/information in Arabic, easily accessible to the Arab individual.  In other words, the Knowledge Society cannot be achieved in the Arab World without knowledge being available in Arabic. Moreover, failure to teach science subjects in Arabic will reduce the large-scale transfer and dissemination of knowledge and confine it to the elite only.

Therefore, teaching science subjects in Arabic and enhancing research in the automated processing of Arabic toward promoting its use in working environments are now a fundamental prerequisite for promoting the Arab economy into a sustainably growing economy with high added value.  In a knowledge-based economy, language acquires a greater role as a fount of knowledge. With the widespread use of Internet-connected computers, the language industry has undergone significant development, and the computerization of the Arabic language has become an urgent necessity.

In light of the foregoing, the Department of Science and Scientific Research is keen on supporting the Project for Arabic Language Promotion towards the Knowledge Society. In this regard, it has managed to combine the efforts of many Arab and non-Arab scholars and experts, by providing an adequate environment for them to share views and knowledge, and by supporting their studies and research projects. This has made it possible to produce a host of high-quality computer applications that meet the specificities of the Arabic language, contribute to the development of an open source Arabic search engine, enrich the Arabic online libraries and digital contents with modern scientific references in Arabic, and design an OER library that makes all open-source educational and training resources available and easily accessible across the Arab world.


  • Arabic Morphological Analysis System


  • Arabic Interactive Computational Dictionary


  • Arabic Morphology System


  • Arabic Open-source Spell-checker


  • The Semantic Network of Arabic Terms


  • Arabic Open-source Search Engine

This project involves the development of a smart, open-source, AI-based and multi-lingual search engine adapted to the characteristics of the Arabic language. It is designed to promote the Arabic digital content on the Internet, with focus on scientific research and studies published by Arab universities and research centers.

The project aims at :

  • Developing a package of advanced tools Arabic digital content processing;
  • Promoting easy access for Arab users to online knowledge and information published in Arabic.
  • Offering Arab users who do not master foreign languages ​​easy access to information online and in multiple languages.