Introduction to the executive board

The Executive Council is one of ALECSO's legislative structures.

1- The Executive Board:
The Executive Council is one of ALECSO's legislative structures and operates under the General Assembly's authority.
Article Five of ALECSO's constitution determines the composition of the Executive Council and its prerogatives, its secretariat and the General Assembly headed by the Council's Secretary who runs its work according to the Executive Council's and the General Assembly's by-laws.

2- Composition and Membership:
The Executive Council is made up of 22 members representing member states. The General Assembly appoints the Council from among States' candidates and chooses one member from each State with proven competence in ALECSO's fields of interest.

3- Prerogatives

The Council operates under the General Assembly's authority, is held responsible for following up the implementation of the program decided by the G.A., undertakes all necessary measures facilitating their implementation by the Director-General, examines ALECSO's work program and budgetary estimates, and determines the General Assembly's preparations starting from the G.A. agenda items up to the follow-up of its decisions' implementation. It also exercises the powers delegated to it from the G.A.

4- Meetings:
The Executive Council holds three sessions at least per financial term (every two years), and may hold an extraordinary session convened by its president or on the basis of a formal request from one third of its members supported by the reasons for calling for the meeting and the agenda items meant for examination.