Creating an interactive platform between National Commissions and their partners

Background :

National Commissions for Education, Culture and Science serve as a link between ALECSO and member States with their government agencies, universities, research centers, experts and civil society organizations. They also play an active part in providing advice, preparing future plans, and implementing the Organization’s programs and activities on the ground.

This program is designed to enhance coordination and cooperation with National Commissions, and enable them to carry out their roles with greater efficiency, in line with ALECSO’s mission and goals. It also aims at enhancing the Organization’s visibility and outreach, by enhancing communication and partnership with institutions active in the field of education, culture, and science as well as with relevant civil society organizations.

Goals :

  • Strengthen ties and enhance coordination between ALECSO, Arab National Commissions, institutions active in the fields of education, culture and science, and relevant civil society organizations;
  • Strengthen the commitment of Arab national Commissions, civil society organizations, and all active social forces to the Organization’s mission and goals;
  • Foster and revitalize the role of National Commissions, highlight their roles and tasks, and enhance interaction among each other;
  • Increase the visibility of ALECSO and highlight its role in the educational, cultural and scientific fields;
  • Highlight the intellectual outputs of National Commissions and their contributions to the fields of education, culture and science;
  • Make the Organization and National Commission better known to young generations, educational, cultural and scientific elites, and to the public at large.

Expected outcomes :

  • Creating an online interactive participatory platform;
  • Building new partnerships between the Organization, National Commissions, and national institutions working in the field of education (including ALECSO-affiliated clubs);
  • Better make known the Organization and National Commissions to national institutions, civil society, and the public at large.