Smartphone applications are growing at lightning speed in global markets, with the number of users increasing by nearly one million every day. In the Arab region, the production of digital applications and contents is still not up to the enormous potential available to develop services for individuals and institutions.

The “ALECSO Mobile App Award” initiative was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing the appropriate technical and institutional environment to contribute to the rise of an Arab Mobile App. industry in the fields of education, culture and science.


Project components :

  • ALECSO Apps. Store

ALECSO has developed an online platform for hosting Arab mobile applications. This platform allows developers of mobile applications in the field of education, culture, science and educational games to publicize their products and creative works in a simplified manner and at no charge. It also allows users to search and have access to the applications they need. The platform is also designed to support and enrich Arab digital contents.

After registering on the website, the developer sends his/her application (subject to the terms and conditions of publication). Once approved by the expert group, the application is published at no charge. Each user can download an application from the platform by simply clicking on its icon.

  • ALECSO Apps Editor

 ALECSO has developed an integrated system (AlecsoAppsEditor) designed to help users with no programming skills to produce mobile applications by following simple stages, based on ready-made templates.
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The system is available free-of-charge on the Internet. The user needs only a web browser to produce his/her application and publish it in global marketplaces such as ‘Google’ or ‘App. Store’ or on ALECSO mobile applications platform.


ALECSO’s system for mobile application development aims to :

  • Simplify the process of developing mobile applications, by enabling users to produce an application in just a few minutes and to easily introduce adjustments into it in a way that does not require advanced computer programming skills;
  • Offer students, teachers and researchers the opportunity to produce high-quality digital educational, cultural and scientific content, and disseminate it through Mobile App Stores;
  • Consolidate the presence of Arabic digital content and applications supporting the Arabic language, which currently represent no more than 1% of the total applications available on these platforms.

Any user can open an account on the website of this system and start producing new applications or modifying existing ones. 

The system allows the production of mobile applications in five stages :

  1. Selecting the design;
  2. Selecting the backgrounds, icons, and fonts;
  3. Adding contents, pages, and other components;
  4. Choosing the application’s icon and interface;
  5. Specifying the name and unique identifier of the application.

ALECSO has developed this system by its own efforts.  All the components of this system were developed by the ICT Department. The system has been housed on a 100% Cloud Infrastructure, in coordination with Amazon. This infrastructure enables the production of mobile applications in the form of high-quality service.

  • ALECSO Mobile Apps Award

The ALECSO Mobile App Award is organized under the slogan : “Arab Applications with Arab skills, supporting entrepreneurship and strengthening identity.” This competition seeks to monitor and promote Arab young developers, to offer them guidance, and help them overcome any technical or procedural difficulties that might stand in the way of their creativity and excellence. It also aims to stimulate the production of mobile applications in a way aligned with the specificities of Arab States, and thus meet their urgent need for appropriate digital contents that can help protect young generations from the risks of cultural alienation.