Workshop for the staff of National Commissions on ALECSO’s working mechanisms and ways of implementing them with Arab National Commissions



Arab National Commissions for Education, Culture and Science serve as the main channel of communication between ALECSO and member States. They also play an active part in the implementation of the programs and activities approved by the General Conference.

Workshops help National Commissions and their staff to improve and develop their knowledge capacities in the Organization’s fields of action. They also provide opportunities for sharing ideas and expertise and for promoting the sense of mutual cooperation.


Goals :

  • Familiarize the staff of National Commissions with ALECSO and its activities, programs and working mechanisms;
  • Develop the competencies of the staff of National Commissions, especially in the use of modern technologies as well as in project management and follow-up;
  • Keep abreast of developments in all ALECSO’s fields of action.


Expected results:

  • Providing the staff of Arab National Commissions with expertise and skills relevant to ALECSO’s fields of action.