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ALECSO Projects Infomation and Communication Technology

For a modern, renewed technology in support of development and at people's service

The ICTs Directorate is one of two directorates entrusted with two missions: a service mission and a technical one as the provider of daily electronic services to the Directorate-General and the other ALECSO's departments, besides the new mission attributed to the ICT Directorate consisting in proposing and implementing programs and projects of a scientific and academic nature in the area of ICT use in the organization's activities.

And in order for the Directorate's vision and objectives to be coherent with ALECSO's priorities and its future strategy, and in line with the United Nations' vision affirming education's role in achieving sustainable development (2016-2030) as stipulated in Objective 4 ("Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all"), and as mentioned in the Ensheon Declaration of the South Korea's global conference on Education "Education 2030: Towards inclusive  and  equitable   quality  education  and  lifelong   learning  for  all" stating that "Information and communication technologies (ICTs) must be harnessed to strengthen education systems, knowledge dissemination, information access, quality and effective learning, and more effective service provision", the Directorate's proposed new structure goes as follows:

1. Information Systems and Digital Content Department

2. Research, Development and Studies Department

3. Networks, Electronic Services and Maintenance Department

4. Publishing and Dissemination Department