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As part of the education development plan in the Arab World, ALECSO works to guarantee the right to quality education in all Arab countries, proceeding from its deep awareness of the strategic role of education in achieving sustainable development, progress, and prosperity for all individuals and communities.

For ALECSO, a culture that combines awareness of the authentic values of the Arab-Islamic heritage ​​and openness to the various cultures of the world, within an equitable and constructive dialogue, is the best bulwark against the dangers of uprootedness, extremism and terrorism. Accordingly, ALECSO works to make sure the Arab individual is aware of the principles and values that constitute the essence of his authentic culture, while at the same time seeking to build bridges that allow him to access and interact with other cultures, with a sense of self-esteem and the ability to cope with modern-day requirements.

Sciences are one of the founding pillars of nations and civilizations. Accordingly, ALECSO works to promote the transfer of modern sciences to the Arab World. It is also keen to develop scientific research in the Arab countries, so that Arabs can actively be involved in the production of sciences, not just in the transfer and utilization thereof.

Strengthen the role of science and scientific research in the Arab community development Contribute to the implementation of the development of education in the Arab world plan and project advancement in Arabic
Knowledge societies in the 21st century are largely based on the significant advances that have taken place in the ICT field. Deeply aware of the importance of this vital sector, ALECSO is keen on keeping abreast of the latest ICT-related advances, and anticipating future developments in this field, so that it can harness this technology to fulfill its mission and serve its goals through implementing innovative and pioneering projects.
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The Encyclopedia of Great Arab and Muslim Scholars and Writers is a scientific-cultural project implemented under the supervision of ALECSO. The aim of the project is to highlight the positive role of the Arab-Islamic culture in enriching universal civilization, by making known prominent Arab and Muslim scholars and writers who have made valuable contributions to all fields of knowledge, science and literature.