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ALECSO News & Events News ALECSO Director-General opens 13th Arabization Conference

ALECSO Director-General opens 13th Arabization Conference

In the presence of H.E. Rector of Al-Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University, Dr. Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Aba Al-Khail, and the Dean of King Abdullah Institute for Arabization and Translation, H.E. Director-General of ALECSO, Dr. Saud Hilal Al-Harbi, opened, on September 25, 2018 at the headquarters of Al-Imam University in Riyadh, the 13th Arabization Conference. This event is organized by ALECSO in cooperation with “Al-Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University” and “King Abdullah Institute for Arabization and Translation” affiliated to it, under the title : "Arabization and the Localization of Science and Technology." The opening session was attended by an elite of prominent linguists, thinkers, academics, and members of Arabic language academies.
Dr. Al-Harbi emphasized, in his statement, the need to rethink the ways to enrich the Arabic language with modern terminology related to sciences and arts, and to develop new approaches for the teaching of languages in a world that witnesses increasing language rivalries that require enriching the Arabic language and modernizing its teaching methods. This is, he added, confirmed by the general philosophy underlying the ALECSO-sponsored project to promote the Arabic language towards the knowledge society. He also emphasized the role of the Arabic language in preserving the Arab identity and in promoting communication and interaction among the Arab people, Arabic being the reflection of the Arab personality and its cultural identity, and the pathway towards the knowledge society and toward economic, social and cultural development.
Dr. Al-Harbi stressed ALECSO’s deep awareness of the importance of translation and Arabization. The Rabat-based Arabization Coordination Bureau and the Damascus-based Arab Center for Arabization, Translation, Authorship and Publication, both affiliated to ALECSO, are undertaking the translation and Arabization of valuable books and encyclopedias in various fields of science and knowledge. ALECSO’s relevant plan of action involves, in this regard, the development of linguistic research, the promotion of Arabic language toward the assimilation of modern sciences, as well as the enhancement of the teaching/learning of Arabic, being the symbol of the Nation's identity and culture.