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ALECSO News & Events News ALECSO concludes its first training session for 2018-2019

ALECSO concludes its first training session for 2018-2019

The two-day high-level training course organized by ALECSO for its staff and experts was concluded on September 19, 2018 at the Organization’s headquarters in Tunis. This session was held as part of ALECSO’s annual training program designed to build and develop the capacities of its human resources.
The training session, launched under the chairmanship of H.E. Dr. Saud Hilal Al-Harbi, Director-General of ALECSO, involved 20 staff members and experts, and focused on report-writing. The session included a theoretical part in which emphasis was laid on the main types, aims and stages of report-writing, the precise definition of the relevant terminology, as well as the main difficulties faced during the report-writing process, and the ways to address them. The session also included a practical part which involved the examination and evaluation of a number of sample reports with reference to the report-writing standards identified in the theoretical part. Participants were also tasked with the preparation of reports and their evaluation individually and collectively, in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge and skills, and develop perceptions and attitudes towards the report-writing task that is of particular importance in the work of the Organization.
In his statement at the closing of the session, Dr. Al-Harbi said that this course is the first of a series of high-level courses that will be organized by ALECSO for its staff and experts in technical departments and external centers, in order to develop their skills and capacities. He expressed his thanks to all participants and to Dr. Rabia Gouider who provided the training. He also commended the sense of teamwork that prevailed in the training session.