Arab League Educational cultural and Scientific Organization

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ALECSO's Organizational Structure

1- Legislative Constituency

It is represented by the General Assembly (every two years) and the Executive Board (three ordinary meetings at least within every financial term)

2- Executive body

It includes the Director-General (elected by the General Assembly for a four-year term renewable only once) and the Deputy-Director-Genreral.

3- Technical and Administrative Body
It includes: The Director-General's office, the Executive Board's Secretariat, the Education Directorate, the Culture Directorate, the Science and Scientific Research Directorate, the Information and Communication Directorate, the Administrative and Financial Affairs Directorate.

4- Outpost Bodies

• Arab Research and Studies Institute (Cairo)
• Arab Manuscripts Institute (Cairo)
• Office of Arabization Coordination (Rabat)
• Khartoum International Institute for Arabic (Khartoum)
• Arab Center for Arabic Translation, Translation, Writing and Publishing (Damascus)

Member States are related to the Directorate-General through National Committees for Education, Culture and Science in the person of their respective permanent representatives to the Organization in Tunis.