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Arab Culture Capitals project

The idea of Arab Culture Capitals project started with the International Decade for Cultural Development (1988-1997) and developed in the framework of the Arab Convention for Cultural Development (2005-2014) while it is still in process. The celebration of Cultural Capital was, for each country that had the privilege of such a status, an opportunity for further promoting common Arab cultural cooperation, activating bilateral conventions between Arab states, achieving complementarity at national and inter-Arab levels, taking legal action for the protection of copyrights, granting copyright utmost importance in facing risks and challenges stemming from cultural industry dissemination and commercial initiatives as to cultural products, and encouraging private companies and individuals to sustain creation and innovators by enacting laws and legislation allowing exemption from revenue income.

The activities encompass the translation fields; attributing awards, organizing book, plastic arts and handicraft fairs; festivals, competitions and cultural weeks, delegations and artistic groups exchange, new cultural institutions creation, enhancing existing institutions and developing their performance, fostering creation and encouraging innovators, supporting intellectuals and animating the cultural spheres. These occasions witnessed initiatives from the private sector aiming at supporting culture and interest in cultural and creative industries.

2016 will has attended the proclamation of Sfax (Republic of Tunisia) as Arab Capital of Culture, while Luxor's (Arab Republic of Egypt) in 2017, Bassorah (Republic of Irak) in 2018, Port-Sudan (Republic of Sudan) in 2019, Beitlehem (State of Palestine) in 2020, Erbed (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) in 2021, and Kuwait city (State of Kuwait) in 2022 will be Arab Capitals of Culture.