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Science and Scientific Research at ALECSO

The Science and Scientific Research Directorate has focused its program for the financial term 2015-2016 on two big projects including numerous activities in the fields of research, innovation, environment, water resources, renewable energies and others of interest to the Directorate. They are:


Project 1: Enhancing the role of science and scientific research in the development of Arab societies";

Project 2: Contributing the implementation of an education development strategy and Arabic promotion in the Arab world.


The activities of both projects extended to enhancing the role of scientific research and development and innovation at the service of comprehensive development in the Arab world; supporting social networks, coordination between institutions and experts, mobilizing expatriate Arab competencies and experts; policy design and capacity building; disseminating science culture and encouraging research and innovation particularly among youths; and contributing in the implementation of the education development strategy and the Arabic promotion project.