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Director-General meets with ALECSO staff

The First Arab Cultural Summit next year is our priority.

H.E. Dr. Saud Hilal Al-Harbi, Director-General of ALECSO, chaired, on August 28, 2018 at ALECSO headquarters, a meeting with the staff of the Organization.
Dr. Al-Harbi started the meeting by extending his congratulations to ALECSO staff on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha. He then reviewed the main achievements scored during the last period, including the project of digitizing all the Organization’s publications, which is currently being implemented at a high pace.
Dr. Al-Harbi addressed ALECSO’s priorities for the coming period, foremost of which are supporting the Arab cultural security strategy, preparing for the first Arab Cultural Summit next year, and preparing for the 21st Conference of Arab Culture Ministers, to be held in Cairo, Egypt, on October 14-15, 2018, along with other events.
Dr. Al-Harbi highlighted a number of cultural and educational projects that ALECSO will implement in Arab countries in special situations, including the Union of the Comoros which he visited on August 13-16, 2018. During this visit, Dr. Al-Harbi discussed with H.E. Comorian President, Mr. Azali Assoumani, and a number of Ministers, the urgent need to support the efforts of the Comorian Government in the sectors of education, culture and science, more particularly in Arabization and curriculum development. In this context, Dr. Al-Harbi stated that he had prepared a draft strategic plan for the promotion of Arabic language in the Comoros.
Dr. Al-Harbi offered, during this meeting, a detailed overview about his participations in the meetings of the Arab League General Secretariat and the institutions of joint Arab action. He commended, on this occasion, Tunisia’s support to joint Arab action in general, and to ALECSO in particular.