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ALECSO Statement on the Anniversary of the League of Arab States

On March 22nd of each year, the Arab League celebrates its anniversary, cherishing the hope that it will fully implement the mission and goals for which it was established.
The Arab League’s action, in fact, covers various fields, including education, culture, sciences, economy, and all that can serve comprehensive and sustainable development for all Arab countries, and ensure a better future for all Arab peoples. The Arab League also assumes a political role, endeavoring to boost and develop joint Arab action, to strengthen ties among its Member States, and to help them overcome any obstacles they may encounter, especially amidst the difficult circumstances the Arab World is currently going through. Such circumstances make it necessary to further enhance inter-Arab solidarity, coordination, integration, and awareness of the true problems of the Nation, so as to be able to surmount them.
While sharing in the celebration of this anniversary along with other joint Arab action institutions, ALECSO is keen on pursuing its mission in all its areas of action in such a way as to support the Arab League in its endeavor to promote the Arab identity and instill its foundations in younger generations, as well as to defend and protect the Arab Nation’s heritage from destruction and pillaging. ALECSO is also determined to back up the Arab League’s efforts in support of the Palestinian people for the liberation of their land and the establishment of their State, with al-Quds al-Sharif as its capital.