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ALECSO Statement on Arab Library Day

On March 10th of each year, ALECSO and its Member States celebrate the “Arab Library Day”, an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of books and libraries in preserving memory and cultural identity.
ALECSO seizes this opportunity to highlight its scientific and cultural outputs that have enriched Arab and world libraries. These include the “Reference Book on Mathematics for Basic Education Level in the Arab World”, the “Reference Book on the Geography of One Arab Nation Without Borders”, and the Reference Book on the History of the Arab Nation”.

ALECSO is also working on the “Encyclopedia of Great Arab and Muslim Scholars and Writers”. This project was launched in execution of an Executive Council resolution aimed at endowing the Arab Nation with an encyclopedia that preserves its heritage, establishes linkages between its past, present and future, and highlights the intellectual achievements of its great scholars and writers throughout the ages, and their rich and valuable contributions to Arab and universal culture.

The entries of the Encyclopedia are classified according to the Arab alphabetical order by name or descent. Twenty-four parts have so far been published, covering 4120 scholars and writers from all over the Arab World.
The Encyclopedia has a scientific body composed of twenty scientific figures working under the supervision of ALECSO General-Directorate. This body is in charge of following up the progress of work, smoothing out organizational problems, discussing the lists of entries, providing recommendations to develop the quality of work, and suggesting writing rules and techniques.
This project is designed to serve a number of goals, particularly :
- Develop an awareness of belonging to the Arab identity, as well as build confidence in the Arab Nation’s capacities and in the contribution of its great figures to the realm of knowledge.
- Make known great Arab scholars, highlight their accomplishments, and correct any deliberate misrepresentations with regard to them.
- Provide Arab youth with a valuable reference that facilitates their research and their access to a synthetic work about great Arab scholars, with documented sources for each entry.
- Meet one of the provisions of ALECSO’s Constitution related to the “publication of basic references”, including comprehensive works about distinguished Arab scholars and their efforts to build and enrich the Arab culture across generations and countries.

Being in tune with its time, ALECSO is keen on using modern technologies as part of an ambitious program to digitalize all its publications, books, encyclopedias and archives, and to make them all available to researchers.
It is worth recalling, on this occasion, the adoption of the Arab Decade for Literacy (2015-2024) which aims at eradicating illiteracy in all its forms (alphabetical, digital and cultural) in the Arab World. This program proceeds from a deep understanding of the current social, political, cultural and economic challenges, especially the challenges related to identity and language, and to the building of the unified Arab entity.
ALECSO warns that if educational conditions do not change, the illiteracy rate in the Arab world will not significantly fall down, especially that the number of Arab illiterate people is expected to reach 49 millions.
ALECSO seizes the occasion of the celebration of Arab Library Day to exhort civil society, the media, and all components of Arab societies to step up efforts for the promotion of reading and for the development and modernization of school, university and public libraries, which will help to boost human development, fight terrorism and violent extremism, and promote the well-being, progress, growth and stability of Arab peoples.